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About Us

About Us

WinkItaly is a Luxury Tourism company specialized in bespoke travel packages to Italy.

WinkItaly was created in New York City by Silvia and Teo as they decided to combine their expertise in the luxury travel industry with their passions for their country of origin, Italy.

WinkItaly offers personalized trips to Italy with the concept being that luxury does not have to be synonymous with unaffordability. We believe that luxury travel is about the unique experiences that we will facilitate by designing a package that is specific to your tastes.

At WinkItaly, we believe in life’s simple pleasures. Something as simple as having a fresh homemade pasta, or viewing a sunset from the Dolomites or savoring a glass of wine at a sea-front vineyard villa.

We will assist you with a customized itinerary that takes you from the moment you arrive at the airport seamlessly through your departure. Leave the worries of planning to us so that you are completely free to enjoy a truly authentic Italian experience.

Thank you and see you soon, or as we say in Italian, “Grazie e arrivederci”!



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