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If you are looking for a way to learn Italian by combining pleasure with study, you have found the solution!

We know how challenging it is learning a foreign language and it is the reason why WinkAcademy offers an alternative way to learn Italian.
Not classic classroom lessons, not hours with books to study grammar but an innovative method of studying, where our teachers adjust to meet the needs of individual students.
Our group of students is very small and is based on self-directed activity.

Every Student

Every student is guided through the activities to acheive their goal and learn in their best way.


Our philosophy is to study by going through the authentic traditions of the country, always supported by a professional Italian teacher.

To learn a language

To learn a language, you have to understand the local culture of the country in which the language is spoken.


This is why our classes take place mainly in places outside the school: museums, wine cellars, educational farms, cooking schools, archaeological parks, art galleries and more.


An example of a day with WinkAcademy?

Meet your Italian teacher

“Meet your Italian teacher and go with him to discover the local market in Cagliari. Today your lesson will be focused on Italian food and the Sardinian culinary culture.


After a brief introduction, the practical part begins: you will have to talk with a local salesman and ask him to explain to you a Sardinian recipe (test of listening, understanding and writing).


After this, your teacher will provide you with a list of ingredients to buy (spoken and pronunciation test). These ingredients will be necessary for the next step: the lesson with a local cook!


Reach the cooking school and learn to cook a typical Sardinian dish (you will test your ability to understand and speak Italian with a local person who does not speak English).


After lunch, a mix of conversation and grammar lessons with your professional teacher will end your day”.


Supported by the constant presence of a professional Italian teacher, you will find the way to learn Italian thanks to the daily contact with local people.


We offer packages of 8 days and 7 nights in Sardinia and Tuscany.


Each package has been created to take advantage of the educational activities and the local experiences.


Please note that each package can be customized, based on the interests of each student.

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