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The best of Tuscany beyond Florence

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The Best of Tuscany beyond Florence:

Italy offers something for everyone and it’s so incredibly charming that it almost doesn’t feel real. There is so much to see and do in Bel Paese, but one of the largest and most well-known regions is Tuscany!

Centrally located between Florence and the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea, there are beautiful landscapes as far as the eye can see! The region encompasses beautiful beach towns, medieval villages, historic areas, castles, incredible dining, stunning resorts, spas and more. However, when most people think of life under the Tuscan sun, they think of wine but Tuscan sun has much more to offer!


What more of Tuscany? 

The region of Tuscany is a fascinating spread that brings the bounty of the earth that  holds champion wines, delightful cheeses and the world-famous bistecca alla Fiorentina, grilled T-bone steak. Here, the land is stitched together with patches of grape vines, acres of truffle-laden fields and rolling olive groves.

In this article we will introduce Tuscany from the other side which is less known:the seaside.

What Tuscany is famous for

Florence, Siena and Pisa are well-trodden stops on the tourist trail, each offering a reward of one-of-a-kind art galleries, Italian fashion boutiques and family-run butcheries strung from the top with local salumi.  They’re a uniquely Italian mix of old and new.

Outside of these city walls, there’s still an undiscovered place that deserve a look into them. If you’re visiting Tuscany region for the first time, those three main sites are must to visit. Florence, also called “the cradle of the Renaissance” offers a full immersion in a world of art, culture and excellent food and wine, whilst the leaning Tower has made Pisa famous all over the world but Pisa is much more than that. Stay tuned for the article about sites which made Tuscany famous but Tuscany is not just wine and countryside, Florence and Pisa, Tuscany is more! Let’s discover the seaside.

Rent a Villa in Tuscany is the best way to explore the region

While usually associated with art cities and countryside escapes, Tuscany offers a lot for the beach lover as well. In fact, why not end your Tuscan visit with a seaside break this summer.

Choosing which typical towns and villages in Tuscany to visit on your holiday can be challenging, especially if you want to stay off the beaten track.

The best way to explore is to be immersed in the pure nature and a it’s great way to see as much as possible from your Villa in Tuscany. Our choice of Villa’s unsurpassed hilltop position enables guests to enjoy amazing 360-degree views, overlooking the fabulous Maremma scenery. From the Villa you can easily reach  some of the most authentic and beautiful towns and villages in the region, to give you a real taste of vita Italiana.

It is where art, history, romance, adventure and relaxation come together to create the perfect vacation.

Capalbio: one of the gems of Tuscany easily accessible from your Villa

This ancient village is one of the highlights of the Maremma region. Driving to Capalbio and seeing it perched atop its hill, makes you feel a little like a time traveler. The great walls and grey stone tower protect the compact center of this small village, as they have done since the Middle Ages. As you walk through the ancient gates, you enter a world of narrow alleyways and stone arches, old doors, tiny cobbled squares and ancient edifices embellished with flower vases and beautifully green shutters. Every small detail seems to be there for your enjoyment.

But Capalbio isn’t about famous sights, it’s a place to soak in the atmosphere, and enjoy the tranquility and the views from the walls. Staying in a luxury villa in Capalbio, is perfect for exploring the surroundings. Going south from Capalbio along the Pedemontana road, there is the magical Tarot Garden created by the great artist Niki De Saint Phalle with its imposing imaginative figures inspired by Tarot cards.

A little farther on the north of Capalbio, is the marvelous city of Siena. The historic center of Siena has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you can breathe deeply all the charm of this medieval village, you can visit the fortresses of the Medici family, stroll in the famous Piazza del Campo, where one of the most popular horse races takes place every summer: the Palio di Siena. Also, not to be missed are the splendid Gothic buildings.

And after a few more kilometers (heading towards Florence) is the town of Monteriggioni with its characteristic towers. Head South towards Rome, in about half an hour you will come to the perfect medieval hamlet of Tuscania, famous for having hosted numerous movie films, one of which is “The Name of the Rose”. Or the surprising castle in Vulci with its archaeological park and beautiful brand-new SPA.

For wine lovers,

highlights of Tuscany definitely should include the Chianti region. There are plenty of wineries to choose from so you can spend a whole day fasting.

Chianti is the wine region of Tuscany. It extends between the provinces of Florence and Siena, covers the entire area between the two cities and extends eastward towards Valdarno and westward of the Val d’Elsa. Chianti offers a unique landscape, with green, rolling hills covered by vast fields of vineyards and olive groves. Chianti is an invaluable treasure for all travelers interested in discovering the food and wine culture of Tuscany.

Discover the enchanting Argentario, where the mountain meets the sea

In less than a one-hour ride from your Luxury villa in Capalbio, find yourself surrounded by fantastic clear turquoise waters, amazing scenery and spectacular views, Monte Argentario is a fabulous seaside destination in Tuscany, and not just for sea lovers!

Lying in southern Tuscany, in the wonderful Maremma area, almost on the border with Lazio, Monte Argentario is a beautiful scenic promontory, covered by dense vegetation and wild nature and with a long unspoilt stunning coastline, made by little bays and pebble beaches. No other area of Tuscany offers such a range of dramatic landscape. For the sports lover, there is a beautiful bicycle path along the Feniglia beach, shaded by Mediterranean pines. The whole route is 18 km, but you can even do a shorter version of it that is suitable even for children.

On the same road that goes to Santo Stefano, there is an incredible breathtaking panorama. The port of Santo Stefano has gorgeous sandy beaches and lush green countryside. This area is bursting with energy and color, and should definitely be part of your Tuscan beach holiday!

The winding Monte Argentario roads falling sheer into the sea overlook the beautiful coastline where one can admire the islands of Giglio and Giannutri. A ferry can be taken from the Santo Stefano harbor that sails daily to the island of Giglio or a rubber dinghy can be rented in the Santa Liberata Channel.

Choosing to stay in our exclusive villa in Tuscany,  the life of “dolce vita” is guaranteed. Book it now!

The outdoor area includes also an orchard and an organic vegetable garden with a unique and original design. Natural beauty is a treasure always increasing its value, a pure location, a place to discover the value of feeling at home, your enchanting Tuscan home is waiting for you.


The Maremma region of Tuscany is known for its spectacular nature and scenery and real-live cowboys. Just like Western riding, the Tuscan riding style developed according to the butteri’s needs of working livestock from horseback.

The Buttero cowboy usually rides a Maremmano horse, which is also typical of the area, and dresses in coarse cotton pants, leggings, a velvet jacket and a black hat. He carries the “mazzarella”, a stick used for herding oxen and wild horses.

So, even today, if you visit the Maremma Tuscany you can choose to spend a whole day with the Butteri, to follow their tasks in controlling and moving cattle and wild horses in the beautiful fields… a total immersion in the Maremmaterritory, its history and culture!

I hope that you enjoyed this insight into the world of the Tuscany region and that you get inspired to learn more or see for yourself! If you enjoyed this blog post, share it with a friend and if you are interested in learning more about traveling to this area or any other region in Italy, please contact us for more information.

Italy, don’t just book it, wink it!

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