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Traveling to Italy after the COVID-19 Pandemic

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It’s time to go back to travel, but you need to be informed!


Traveling to Italy after the COVID-19 Pandemic.

During the last 18 months, the tourism sector has suffered by grinding to a halt, especially regarding the flow of foreign tourists to Italy. In spite of everything, WINKITALY never stopped, adapting to the market demands that changed day by day. People have never stopped dreaming and we, together with the people, have never stopped developing new proposals and new itineraries.

Starting from summer 2021, with the reopening of the borders to foreign tourists, we have witnessed a growth in requests and a slight restart of American tourism in Italy. 

What has changed from the pre-pandemic phase to the current one?

Not much for us. We have always been used to assisting our customers step by step without ever abandoning them from the moment they arrive in Italy, until the moment they leave to return home.

But one thing is certain: COVID-19 security rules change fast and in our industry, you need to always be up to date. Covid tests on departure, Covid tests on arrival, vaccination cards, green passes, indoor or outdoor masks, the maximum number of occupants for each transfer, limited admissions to museums and rules of the hotel sector are just some of the difficulties that tourists face.  Today, more than ever, the customer needs to be assisted, guided, pampered and above all guaranteed.

How to plan a trip after the pandemic?

Our suggestion is to avoid “do it yourself” trips. Before the pandemic, many tourists preferred to organize their trip on their own in the hope of saving a few dollars, but today people are reflecting on the difficulty they could face. There are many uncertainties and the choice of suppliers is very important. It is necessary to rely on solid suppliers who are able to cope with any unforeseen events. Above all, to rely on suppliers who are able to comply with all the regulations that change day by day. For this reason, contacting an agency that acts as an intermediary is the best solution for those who want to travel without worries.

How do we protect our customers?

As we’ve always taken exceptional care of our customers, we haven’t had to implement any drastic changes. However, we now make an even greater commitment to the choice of itineraries, suppliers, and expert knowledge of local regulations. Our customer focus remains unchanged. As always, we put the customer and his needs at the center of our work. Our goal is to ensure the best experience by combining fun with safety. This can only happen by selecting services from serious and responsible suppliers, who know the rules and respect them. Our added value, then, is to provide our customers with 24/7 assistance for the entire duration of the trip to Italy. We also guarantee free cancellation flexibility up to 15 days before departure. This allows our customers not to stop planning their vacation, offering the serenity of being able to cancel everything without penalty up to 2 weeks before.

What are the major restrictions in Italy after the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Italy has been back to normal for a few months, but with some restrictions. The Italian Government has established some essential rules to protect the population from potential infections. It has introduced a card called “green pass” which allows entry to restaurants, gyms, spas, museums, discos, and bars. Obtaining this card takes place in 3 ways:

Complete vaccination (9 months)

Recovery from COVID-19 (6 months)

Negative COVID-19 test (48 h or 24h from test)

This means that those who have had the vaccine will be able to visit Italy without difficulty. But the rules change quickly based on the trend of infections and, therefore, all travelers are advised to travel with the support of an agency ready to intervene and guarantee customers in the event of regulatory changes or in the event of unforeseen events and obstacles. We also remember that a great obstacle is represented by the difficulty of communication. With the exception of hotels, English is still a little spoken language in Italy and, especially in more rural areas, the language could present a significant barrier.

What do we want to communicate to our customers?

Don’t stop dreaming. Traveling is one of the most beautiful experiences that life offers us. Discovering different cultures, different traditions or simply different architectures is priceless. After the pandemic, however, it is necessary to act with a sense of responsibility and respect.

This is why we invite our customers to rely on specialized agencies that will be able to guarantee you the best result without ever giving up on safety.

What do we want to recommend to our customers?

Of course, in these uncertain times, it doesn’t hurt to have advice from a medical doctor and consult the CDC website. There’s no better combination of expertise when planning a trip during the Covid-19 period. When the doctor feels comfortable traveling – we do too.

By traveling, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19 and any other airborne viruses. While we do our best to provide you with up-to-date information, we cannot be liable if you become sick or contract COVID-19 during travel and recommend each traveler to assess their level of risk tolerance.

Everyone is waiting excitedly for the day when we can travel again.

When you book with the experts, that day can be today. Our team always strives to create a perfect journey and remains uncompromised in our approach to health and hygiene. There’s no better time to plan a flexible trip with advisors who can provide you critical peace of mind. We can’t wait to plan your next journey!

Please note:

We encourage all clients while traveling, to apply for Travel Insurance.
This will allow you to travel with peace of mind. Travel Insurance can reimburse you for non-refundable air and land costs if you have to cancel a trip due to personal or family illness or accident.

I hope that you enjoyed this insight into the world of the post-pandemic way to travel and that you get inspired to learn more or see for yourself! If you enjoyed this blog post, share it with a friend and if you are interested in learning more about traveling to  Italy, please contact us for more information.

Italy, don’t just book it, wink it!

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