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Visiting Veneto Beyond Venice

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Dear readers, I’d like to welcome you to our first blog. It’s a pleasure to guide you through our country of origin, Italy. In our first blog, we are introducing the north-east region of Italy, Veneto.

Veneto extends from the Dolomites to the Adriatic Sea. Veneto’s largest city is Venice which is swollen with tourists all year around. If you are still thinking to visit Venice, here is some suggestions and what is for us a must to visit.

Venice’s Carnevale is first on our list. It’s held 40 days before Easter and is one of the most lively and colorful pre-Lent celebrations in Italy. Next on the list is the Venetian Islands. Visit to one or more of the 118 islands on a day trip. Two of the most popular are Murano, famous for exceptionally beautiful handmade glass products, and Burano, famous for its lace and colorful houses. Of course a visit to Venice would not be complete without a gondola ride through the canals.

Here is our suggestions about what else to visit while you are in the region of Veneto:

The Dolomites are a mountain range on the northeastern Italian Alps and in our opinion the most spectacular area of the Dolomites is in the Veneto region. You can expect to find beautiful landscapes and exceptional natural beauty. Whether you are looking for adventure, relaxation or history, the Dolomites offer it all.

The most popular attractions include hiking, skiing, mountain climbing, cycling and sightseeing. In the spring and summer visitors come for hiking, biking, base jumping, paragliding and hang gliding.

For visitors who are more interested in a  relaxing vacation, the Dolomites have a huge range of hotels, resorts and houses with sun terraces, restaurants, wellness spa facilities and infinity pools with breathtaking panoramic views.

Food and wine tasting with organic products from the Dolomites is something that we are highly recommend.

At 1224 m (4015 ft) above sea level, in the heart of this incredible mountain range, is Cortina D’Ampezzo, the pearl of the Dolomites.

This treasure is irresistible to visitors looking to break the frenzy of today’s way of living within the peaceful mountain environment.

Cortina D’Ampezzo boasts the biggest ski area in the world, Dolomites Ski. This incredible beauty is an inexhaustible source of thrills and fun.

Besides skiing, there is a whole range of alternative activities offered to keep even the most demanding visitor happy.

For the adventure lovers, we suggest to have a jeep tour which can bring you to incredible locations, such as battle fields from World War I.

Approximately one hour from Cortina d’Ampezzo is Treviso, where you will find yourself in the world of prosecco, Italy’s sparkling wine.

Arriving in Treviso, you will find yourself in “little Venice”, a charming little city built on canals.

With our trusted local bilingual guides, you will fall in love with the rich history and architecture this city offers.

Local wine markets and wine tours will allow you to taste a lot of different prosecco accompanied with local organic products.

Be sure to finish with soft and creamy family made Tiramisu, a perfect “pick me up”.

Vicenza is my hometown, so you may say I’m biased, but you must at least pass through to take in the amazing architecture.

The most prominent influence is Palladian architecture, which perfectly combines with modern structures, monuments and churches.

Explore the heart of Vicenza, Piazza dei Signori remains enchanting and marks the historical center.

Basilica Palladiana is regarded as an architectural masterpiece with it’s elegant white façade and loggias.

Vicenza is also proud to host the most beautiful and oldest surviving Renaissance theater in the world, Teatro Olimpico, which was the last work of Palladio.

Approximately 50 km (31 mi) south west of Vicenza is Verona, our third suggestion which also starts with the letter “V”!

Who hasn’t heard about the romantic story of Romeo and Juliet?!

In Verona you will find the legendary Capulet house, with the option to have a guided tour through the house and stand on Juliet’s balcony.

Verona’s historical center is a shopping lover’s paradise full of shops and boutiques.

From Piazza Bra, a huge open square with outdoors cafes, there is an incredible view of the still functioning Roman amphitheater, the Arena.

If you are a wine lover, you must pay a visit to the area of Valpolicella, the most famous red wine district in the Veneto region. Valpolicella’s vineyard landscape is magical and enchanting, and specifically known for the Amarone red wine.

Be sure to take advantage of the various vineyard tours and wine tastings. In Valpolicella there is a small village, San Giorgio, that we recommend stopping by for a meal in a Veneto style trattoria. Our final suggestion is a visit to Italy’s largest lake, Lake Garda which is part of three Italian regions: Veneto, Trentino and Lombardia.

Take advantage of a private boat tour to visit the small villages surrounding the lake while being inspired by the magnificent vistas. Villages such as Sirmione offer history, delicious regional cuisine and plenty of shopping opportunities!

I hope that you enjoyed this insight into the Veneto region and that you are inspired to learn more or see for yourself! If you enjoyed this blog post, share it with a friend and if you are interested in learning more about travelling to the Veneto region or any other region in Italy, please contact us for more information.

Stay tuned for more blogs about other regions in Italy and be sure to click the link below for an example of tours we offer in the Veneto region.

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