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Combine sparkling wine and Italy together and the usual answer is prosecco, but 200 km west of Veneto, the home of prosecco, lies another, little-known, sparkling wine region: the magical land of Franciacorta.

Located only an hour east of Milan in the heart of Lombardy region, the Franciacorta is synonymous with fine Italian sparkling wines, rivaling even Champagne in quality and prestige.

The region looks like a large amphitheater, close to the mountains and Lake Iseo, and is the ideal location for producing the best quality grapes.

The climate is ideal for sparkling wines. The lake effect brings cool breezes during summer and buffers cold breezes in the winter. The winds from the nearby mountains that carry fresh air, keep grapes healthy which helps in organic farming.

70% of Franciacorta’s wine is organic, making the region one of the largest areas of organic production in all of Italy.

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Perfect Get Away

Franciacorta is a fantastic destination for a luxurious break, famed for its beauty, wine and nearby Lake Iseo which is definitely worth a visit. The region is full of picturesque vineyards on rolling hills and medieval villages.

What better way to discover Italy’s best kept secret than organize your private tour by experts of our team. Activities you can look forward to include wine tasting, spa time, a private boat on Lake Iseo and much more, tailored just for you.

The vineyards and the wineries are the jewels of the crown of this region. If you love food, wine, and culture, contact us for more information for sample tour.

For sure, you will not forget a tasting of the celebrated FRANCIACORTA DOCG in a natural ambiance full of charm.

Grape wise in Franciacorta

The primary grapes used in Franciacorta are Chardonnay and Pinot Noir (Pinot Nero), Pinot Bianco, and the newly approved native grape Erbamat (up to 10% of the blend) has been added. This results in wines that are soft, creamy and fragrant with floral aromas.

The Franciacorta DOCG requires that all grapes (Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and a limited amount of Pinot Blanc) are hand-harvested. It is aged on the lees and in the bottle for a minimum of 18 months for non-vintage wines, 24 months for rosé, 30 months for the vintage “millesimato” and 60 months for the wines marked riserva.

Charming Lake Iseo

Located about an hour from Milan and 2.5 hours from Venice, Lake Iseo is one of the less known lakes in the “lake district” of northwest Italy, just a few kilometers from Franciacorta.

It is often bypassed by foreign visitors in favor of its more glamorous big sisters: Garda, Como and Maggiore. The airports are nearby in the regions of Brescia, Bergamo and Milan. There is also a regular train service that runs from Brescia with connections to locations such as Bergamo, Milan and Venice.

While some destinations are known the world over, others keep their charms a little quieter and lake Iseo is the perfect example. Lake Iseo is the ideal destination to enjoy all the natural landscapes of the region and its incredible cuisine, without the crowds.

This incredible lake is the sixth biggest lake in Italy and is surrounded by natural wonder and offers amazing natural beauty and pure relaxation. The deep blue lake is surrounded by lush green mountains, providing the ultimate tranquil spot to see and be able to completely enjoy it.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at what there is to know about Lake Iseo!

The best way to see Iseo is by boat. In the middle of the lake, you’ll find Monte Isola, a large island where motorbikes and bicycles are the only approved modes of transportation. There is a passenger ferry which will take you there and back.

Besides providing the perfect spot for a walk or ramble in the hills and mountains, Lake Iseo is surrounded by a good number of medieval towns which include their share of sights, restaurants, cafés, shops and places to stay.

Monte isola

Situated in the middle of the lake Iseo, it divides the lake into two parts: the bank of Brescia and the bank of Bergamo. With a small population of 2,000 residents, the island boasts nearly one dozen charming villages.

Walking along footpaths, discovering the vineyards on secondary roads, taking a picture, riding a bike on the bicycle paths and playing golf in beautiful surroundings are just some activities that this wonderful destination offers. This is an area filled with opportunities to hike, enjoy the beach, take in some arts, or just enjoy the beauty of the lake by bike!  Nature abounds, and the local fishermen share their daily catch with chefs in the area who produce delectable dishes.

Lake Iseo is proud of its cuisine. Fresh fish features prominently, with tinca al forno (oven-baked tench, stuffed with bread and herbs and served with polenta) as the local specialty.


Franciacorta wine is commonly considered Italy’s supreme bubbly. It’s well made, using the traditional Champagne method with a second fermentation in the bottle.

In 1995 Franciacorta, Italy received a DOCG classification (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita) which is the highest level of Italian wine classification and was the 1st Italian sparkling wine to receive such an honor!!

I hope that you enjoyed this insight into the magic land of Franciacorta and that you get inspired to learn more or see for yourself! If you enjoyed this blog post, share it with a friend and if you are interested in learning more about traveling to this area or any other region in Italy, please contact us for more information.

Stay tuned for more blogs about other regions in Italy and be sure to click the link below for an example of tours we offer in the Franciacorta area.

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